Past Convention &   Council Appearances

Central Coast Comic-Con (May, 19)
'Voiceover Industry Talk'
Voices of Tomorrow (Nov, 19, March 20)
3 x 'Video Game Voice Acting WS'
Oz Comic-Con Panel (Oct, 18)
'VO: Where to Find the Work'


'Finding Character VO Jobs' 
 'Mock Video Game Auditions'


Smash (July,19)

PAX Panel (Oct, 19)
'How To Find Character Voice Acting Work'
Voices of Tomorrow (Oct, 19)
'Video Game Voice Acting WS'
Campbelltown Library Event (Nov, 18)
'Q&A About Voiceover'
Freeplay Online (June, 20)
'Mock Video Games Auditions'
Border Dimensions Panel (Oct, 18)
'Q&A About Voiceover'
Voicebooth (May, 20)
Virtual 'Video Game Voiceover Discussion'
PAX Online (Sep, 20)
Virtual 'Mock Video Game Auditions'
Vision8 Studios (Feb, 21)
Virtual 'Intro To Character Voice Acting'
GCAP Industry Panel (Oct, 19)
'Finding The Right Voice Actors'
Eagle Vale High School (March, 19)
'International Women's Day'
PAX Online (Feb, 21)
Virtual 'Video Game Voice Acting' WS
OCC Pop Up (Mar, 21)
'Q&A With an Australian Video Game Voice Actress'
Vision8 Studios (Mar, 21)
Virtual 'Intro To Character Voice Acting'
Ctown Library.jpg

Stephanie Botterill

Campbelltown Library, Youth Leader

"Aimee Smith is an engaging speaker who presented a fun and insightful discussion on the voice acting industry at Campbelltown City Library. Her passion and knowledge of voice acting combined with a friendly and sociable personality kept the audience captivated throughout the panel. Aimee is inspirational for young people looking for a career in voice acting - we can’t wait to work with her again!"

SMASH Logo.png

Kat Chamney

Smash Sydney, Coordinator

"Aimee was a delight to work with and we were glad to have her onboard for our SMASH! 2019 panels and workshops line-up. She was a breeze to communicate with and was very well prepared for the event days. The panels themselves, 'How to Find Character Voiceover Work' & 'Mock Video Game Auditions,' offered great insight into the Australian voice acting community and the fans were really engaged. I especially loved the audience participation during the 'Mock Video Game Auditions' panel, where fans got to have a go at voice acting and even win some great prizes!
We look forward to working with Aimee again on future projects."

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